Plugs, Sockets and Electrical Adapters in Sri Lanka

Plugs, Sockets and Electrical Adapters in Sri Lanka

People who go to Sri Lanka often ask if it is necessary to bring some kind of electrical adapter to charge cell phones, cameras, etc. and what kind of thorns they will find on their journey.

It is a question that obviously arouses much interest. In addition to knowing what kind of plug they will find in different hotels and lodgings.

Well, to answer these questions is, to say the least, rather curious.

plug and socket

Standard in Sri Lanka

Types of plugs.

Currently in Sri Lanka we have different types of plugs : flat and round.

Until recently there was no established standard. For this reason we find different pin formats.

From 2016 flat plugs are installed and new installations have this type of plug. Although, logically, there are still many old  plug-ins of different formats.

For this reason, we recommend that you bring electrical adapters when you travel in Sri Lanka.

It should be added that hotels of a certain category usually have and supply their users with electrical adapters.

If you are the kind of cautious traveler who likes everything well controlled, it is best to bring an electric adapter from your country, taking into account the different types of plugs.

In case you forget to buy the adapter, calm down! Follow the instructions below to connect your phones and cameras.

What to do if we don’t have an electric adapter on hand?

The process is very simple:

Put a pen or fork in the top centre hole of the socket and press down while inserting the plug of the device you wish to charge.

From this moment the process of loading your devices starts and the problem is solved!

Proceed as shown in the following photo:

socket in sri lanka

Voltage in Sri Lanka

As additional information we confirm that the voltage in Sri Lanka is 220 V at 50 Hz