Phone and internet in Sri Lanka

Phone and internet in Sri Lanka

Having access to phone calls and the internet in Sri Lanka is extremely simple and cheap. In general, Sri Lanka is a country quite adapted to new technologies. In order for the traveler to be able to talk on the phone and have access to the Internet, it is only necessary to have an unlocked mobile phone and purchase a SIM upon arrival in Sri Lanka.

Where can you buy a SIM card?Where can you buy a SIM card

At the same airport and in any part of the country you will find establishments that sell SIM cards. It is so easy to call and receive calls, both from overseas and from Sri Lanka. And in the same way it works to have access to the Internet. Currently the sale of SIM cards is completely extended throughout Sri Lanka.

Internet service in hotels and lodgings

All hotels in the Standard and Superior categories have WI-FI and are completely FREE. Budget accommodation or pensions do not always have internet. In these cases it is even more advisable to purchase a SIM card.

Is it cheap The telephone and internet service in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is probably one of the countries where telephone and internet services are cheaper. SIM cards are very cheap. You can find them starting at 150 rupees which is less than 1 dollar. Telephone calls are also very cheap, both national and international. National calls cost between 1 and 3 rupees per minute, according to the telephone company. Calls to Italy and Europe, in general, cost from 25 to 35 rupees per minute, about 20 cents. The internet service is a bit more expensive, but it’s still cheap compared to Italy. Companies that offer the best service The companies Dialog and SLT (Sri Lanka Telecom) are particularly relevant which offer the best geographical coverage of the signal.

Should the traveler buy a SIM card in Sri Lanka?

It is highly recommended to buy a SIM card for the traveler. It’s a cheap way to stay in touch with family and friends in your country. Especially in an emergency. Is it recommended to activate the roaming of your telephone? Obviously it is advisable to activate the roaming of your telephone, above all to receive calls from your country in case of emergency, but very expensive. It is also very expensive to call from your telephone, hence the recommendation to buy a SIM card upon arrival in Sri Lanka.

Price of SIM cards and services offered

Prices from Dialog

Rs.1,299/- [Approx. USD 8] Data Quota – 10GB [6GB Any time + 4GB Morning Boost*] International Calls & SMS Quota (IDD) – Rs.600/- Local Calls & SMS Quota – Rs.350/- Prices from SLT How much is the Pre-Paid Tourist SIM Pack? The Pre-Paid Tourist SIM pack is priced at Rs.999 and Rs.499 inclusive of all local taxes and levies. What are the benefits of using the Pre-Paid Tourist SIM Pack? The Pre-Paid Tourist SIM Pack comes with the following pre-loaded benefits for FREE:
  • International calls to mobiles or fixed lines in your home country
  • Local  Mobile or Fixed line calls to any operator
  • DATA
  • Wi Fi hours to surf the internet
The above offers are valid for 30 days from the date of activation.

WhatsApp in Sri Lanka

WhatsApp is very useful and works exactly like in your country.